Nutritional Services

We design customized nutritional programs for clients based on their own laboratory analysis and screening test, to help improve their overall health and nutrition. With detailed nutritional programs that include, corrective dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations based upon the results of their laboratory test, questionnaires and concerns.


A Certified Nutritional Consultant is a must for one to achieve his/her total health goals. With confidence, Dr. Walkers' clients move forward to enjoy radient health with benefits in the following areas.

Customized Program

Unlike most nutritional consultants, Dr. Walker offers a customized nutritional program. This customized program is specially tailored to help his clients achieve his/her nutritional program goals. There are no two people alike even though they may have the same nutritional issues. Therefore, his clients receives a unique and personalized program.

We offer a variety of programs to help you find your optimal health levels so that you can stay active and enjoy vitality. We offer a healthy alternative for.

What to expect/Assessment

The first appointment we ask many questions (medical history, symptoms, blood type, weight, dietary history, review blood tests and medications). We help in developing a food plan and strategies to achieve your health goals. We help in identifying supplements and other products that will be a good match for your body.

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring progress is essential in helping clients achieve their nutritional/lifestyle goals. Dr. Walker is then able to best keep his clients focused on their overall objective set at the initial consultation, the longevity of monitoring depends on the progress of each individual.. Then the program can be adjusted at each follow-up visit as deemed necessary.

Consulting that Improves Your Health

Our goal is to EMPOWER you with tools through nutritional education and behavior modification, helping you to obtain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Our passion is helping people make the right decision, the decision that will improve their health.