Myofascial Release (European Method)

a Drugless Approach

Reginald L. Walker, PhD., Myofascial Release Specialist. (European Method), has specialized using this method for over 30 years and has worked with Chiropractors and other Massage Therapists to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method for fast and effective healing and recovery from back and muscle related injuries. With these techniques one can get a spontaneous release from pain within 10-30 seconds!

  • What your Physical Therapist may not know could be keeping you in unnecessary pain and delay your healing.
  • What your Massage Therapist may not know could harm you.
  • What your Sports Trainer may not know could delay your returning to optimum performance.
  • STOP covering up your pain with the "Medical Approach", and get to the root causes through natural methods.

The Procedure

Myofascial Release-This is a whole-body, hands-on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the human structure. Myofascial release techniques are a gentle traction or compressing force applied to the fascial (muscular) restriction, therefore increasing blood flow to the affected areas. Helps with low back pain, sprains, muscle strain and headaches. The goal is to remove muscular restrictions and restore the body's equilibrium. When these goals have been accomplished, the body's inherent ability to self correct returns. The restoring of optimum functions and performance with the least amount of expended energy.