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  • Comprehensive Consultation (First Office Visit) Two Hours
  • Follow-up Visits (Review and update)
  • Reviewing past/current medical records (medical history) and blood test results prior to first appointment has an additional charge

Myofascial Release

  • The European Method for one hour (Wear comfortable clothing, no dresses/skirts or tight clothing).

Test Assessment Package

  • Package #1

This assessment package includes:

Wide range achievement test (WRAT) spelling, reading (site words) and math. Wepman Auditory Discrimination. Visual memory of Words.There is no write up. Chart of results only to be given and reviewed with parent/s.

  • Package #2

This assessment package includes:

Includes package #1, plus... Auditory-verbal test Visual-verbal test Woodcock Reading Mastery Test includes:

Letter identification Word identification Word attack Word comprehension Passage comprehension Write up with suggestions to strengthen areas of concern.

  • Package #3

Includes packages #1 and 2 plus... Extensive visual test assessments Extensive auditory test assessments Written timed tests Write up with suggestions to strengthen areas of concerns.


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